Watching Our Language at Willard College

JOAN CRAWFORD colour portrait 1963. As Joan got older, her eyebrows got  heavier & she started to resemble her father … | Joan crawford, Joan  crawford children, Joan

Dear Colleagues,

The following directive has been issued by Provost of Non-Academic Affairs, Dr. Narcisse Nefasto: Faculty are being asked to avoid using the following phrases in speech and in syllabi. Do not use the term “Deadline” as this word was first used to demarcate the point beyond which Civil War prisoners would be shot by their guards. We recommend “preferred date to submit assignments.” Do not use the word “Discipline” in reference to your area of teaching or study. This has connotations of harshness and punishment and also of sexual fetish. Instead use the term “area of study, investigation and research that is done by people with training to those particular areas.” Avoid giving “F” or “D” grades as they are associated with vulgarities. Avoid the term “Grading” because it connotes the idea of flattening or making something even and it can be made into “Degrading” by adding “de.” Avoid the term and the action of “grading.”

Sincerely, Special Assistant to Provost Vandergrind, Dr. Pousse de Fauteuil

4 thoughts on “Watching Our Language at Willard College

  1. is that a snake around her necklace?


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