Haven’t You Read Enough?

Dear Prospective Willard College Student!

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Application deadlines have come and gone. You are waiting to hear from your top choice college? What if you don’t get in? What if your safeties say no? Are you tired of people asking where you are going next year? Do you feel uncomfortable in the cafeteria when kids start talking about the acceptance letters they are receiving?

Well, the real question is this: Haven’t You Read Enough? You’d think that after four years of high school, there would be a college out there that appreciates all your hard work, all the hours of reading, all the hours of stress. If you feel the same way, may be it is time you thought about Willard College.

Give us a call and stop in for a weekend campus visit.

Best regard, Associate Provost for Admissions, Curtland Schickel

Willard College Welcomes the Natural Gas Industry and Hydro-Fracking


Dear Campus Communities,


Gas odourant injection facility located at mai...

Gas odourant injection facility located at mainline valve #7 on Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline (near Dampier, Western Australia) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



The question on everyone’s minds these days has been: What are all the construction equipment and industrial vehicles doing on campus? The short answer: Willard College has leased a number patches of campus to one of the nation’s premier natural gas and oil companies. Can Willard provide both a high quality education and premium quality natural gas and oil? Is it safe for our students to have a major extractive industry active on campus? Do we have cafeteria capacity for the additional 300 men who will be stopping in for lunch every day? Yes, we’ve planned for this moment, and Willard is ready to once again show America what a college can be.

Best, Henry Cotton, President


Willard Searches for Its History

Dear Board of Trustees,


Ten men representing members of rowing crews, ...

Ten men representing members of rowing crews, from Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Annapolis (Navy), Cornell, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia, Wisconsin, Georgetown, and Syracuse, holding oars. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Thank you for the communication concerning Willard and its history. As always, I concur with the conclusions of the Board. Yes, Willard must do better to find a history to confront. True, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Brown, and all the other second-tier schools like the University of Virginia have the whole slavery controversy to play off. Sadly, Willard came into existence after the passage of Amendments 13-15, so we cannot confront our legacy with chattel slavery. We cannot very well hold conferences, or make headlines, about our efforts to “do better” and to “make amends.” With apologies, President Henry Cotton