World-renowned Motelier, Franklin DuBoise, Delivers a Riveting Lecture: “What Makes a GREAT Motelier?”

Provost Creedmoor is excited to report on the the Inauguration of the School of Motelry. At the well attended event, Dr. Creedmoor introduced the world renowned motelier Franklin DuBoise who gave a fascinating speech entitled “What Makes a GREAT Motelier” to an audience of enthusiastic and clinically engaged Motelry School students. After his speech, Poolier Bruce Bellwether spoke about “Motelry: The Importance of Excellence in Pool Maintenance.” In the weeks to follow, Willard College will post details of the new curricular addition to our program of courses of study at Willard College

Sincerely, Provost Creedmoor

P.S. I have so far enjoyed my time at Willard College. I have been having some trouble getting into the various computer files because passwords for the Provost’s office seem to have changed frequently in the past five years.