Henry Cotton, President of Willard College, Invites you to the Willard College Holiday Party

President Cotton, Dr. Cheryl Tina Fae Cotton, Director of Campus Spiritual Life, Dr. Julien Donnerpass, Associate Director of Student Intellectual Pathways, Vanderbilt Snowden, Director of Student Academics, Vice President of Finances, Dr. Dominic Ponzi, Provost Vandergrind, Gustav Kissenbezug, President of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Lusitania Glüm, PhD, Director of Marketing and Promotion, and Dr. Lester Carraway,  Interim Executive Director of Faculty Enhancements cordially invite you to the 2022 Holiday Celebration to ring in the end of a great semester and the holiday season. 

Come and enjoy a wide variety of food. Because of several incidents last year, alcohol will not be made available to faculty. Administrators need only show their campus id cards and they will be served beverages of their choice.

To end the evening there will be a basket raffle in which everyone has the opportunity to take home a lovely holiday gift. We ask that you RSVP directly, in writing, to Dr. Lester Carraway.

Sincerely, Dr. Henry Cotton, Friend and Comrade

New Football Field for Willard College

Dear Willard Family,

A major gift from 1981 graduate Reynalde Nixon Buttercream will fund the replacement of the natural-grass field with artificial turf and the installation of lighting at Willard College’s Charcot Stadium. The playing surface will be named Nixon Buttercream Field at Charcot Stadium in recognition of his donation of $30 million for the project, which will greatly expand the uses of the premier outdoor gathering space on campus. 

Nixon Buttercream’s student-athlete career included a half season of golf while earning his bachelor’s degree in Exploratory. A longtime resident of The Bahamas, where he works in international finance. Nixon Buttercream is the step-father of Stewie Cake, Willard College’s longest serving full tuition paying student, and also the step-father (from a previous marriage) of Pepper McGhee, Willard’s star quarterback!

Thanks to the Nixon Buttercream Family for all you have, will, and do do, for the Willard Family.

Humbly, Dr. Henry Cotton, President, and Athletic Director, Jason “Jimmy” Johnson

At Willard, the students have a why

Dear Dear Colleagues,

As we slip into the holiday seasons, I wanted to share an important insight made by my team. The idea that “students are our why” is not student-centered. It makes the whole student-faculty question one centered, selfishly, on the faculty. Rather, our students “have a why.” Grading then becomes our attempt to divine their purpose. Please refocus and realign as you can for the remaining weeks of the semester.

Sincerely, Dr. Julien Donnerpass, Associate Director of Student Intellectual Pathways

Willard College wishes you a restful, restorative, drama-filled Thanksgiving

Dear Campus Community,

It is with a grateful heart and sense that all of the world is ONE that I reach out to wish each of you a restful and relaxing Thanksgiving break. May the time you spend with family and friends be enjoyable and restorative. If like us, you have a blended family, may the children from your previous marriages get along well, and may those same children show at the least the appearance of respect to step-parents, especially if they became your step parents after you were already an adult.

Our community has collectively stepped up over this past year to enhance the signature Willard College experience that has enriched and transformed lives for a while. We have reworked the GRID, we have completed renovations on several bathrooms, and we remain certified and licensed to deliver college degrees, including our new signature degree program in . On behalf of President Henry Cotton, Dr. Cheryl Tina Fae Cotton, the Board of Trustees, and the many loyal administrators, I wish to offer each of you our sincere gratitude for your perseverance, servile loyalty, and ingenuity. And remember,  Every ‘why’ has a ‘who’ Every ‘who’ is a ‘why.’

Your love and faith in us inspires us.

Peace and blessings,

Henry and Cheryl Tina Fae

Not so Fast Stewie Cake

Dear Community,

Recently we shared exciting news that Stewie Cake was set to graduate. Sadly, that news is no longer correct. Mr. Cake will not allowed to graduate until he pays the $3,489.32 in parking tickets and moving violations he accrued during his tenure as a student with Willard College. As per the Willard College Student Handbook, students may only pay fines while still enrolled students. Those same students may not graduate until all fines are paid.

We thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Sincerely, President Henry Cotton

Stewie Cake, Student at Willard College since 2006, Set to Graduate

Dear Community, We are thrilled to announce the surprising news that Stewie Cake, full time student at Willard College since he stepped onto our campus in the Fall of 2006, is set to graduate. He is finishing up three Incompletes, a missing Gym credit, and has paid library overdue fines and a fine for damages to his dorm room in 2009. Stewie has had a storied career at Willard. Entering as undeclared, he went on to declare a History major, which he then changed to a Business major, which he then changed to a Finance major, and then he took a pause in 2010, and returned to his first love, Undeclared. Eventually, Stewie went on to a self-designed major in Psychology and Sports Media, before once more returning to Undeclared.

Willard College appreciates the many sacrifices he, his mother, his grandparents, and several aunts made to allow Stewie the freedom to explore his many interests and passions.

Good Luck Stewie Cake. We’ll miss you.

Sincerely, Dr. President Henry Cotton

New Class Schedule Grid and Credit System

Dear Faculty, Effectively Spring 2023, we are operating under a new class schedule grid and credit system. In consultation with one of the top educational thought leading firms, we are confident that the system will optimize the student experience, reduce stress for faculty, and improve learning outcomes.

For the schedule grid, you will need to create an account with FreeGrid. There is a nominal fee. Ask your chair about the forms you’ll want to fill out to be reimbursed, which may take between 2 to 24 weeks. How does it work? Fill in when you want to teach. For a three credit class, you might decide on MWF 9am-950am. Or you might teach it Friday night 6pm-9pm. Or you might want to teach it MW 1230-1pm, Tuesday 8am-8:30am, and Friday 315pm-405pm. You decide. The students build their schedule by tracking the schedules of the classes they want and making sure there are no overlaps. There is NO predetermined grid.

You can also remix credits. You need to teach a total of 9 credits. You can teach one 9 credit class. You can teach nine 1 credit classes. You can teach eighteen 1/2 credit classes.

FreeGrid is about freedom. Freedom to choose. But don’t forget to register and pay the fee or the system will crash.


Vanderbilt Snowden, Director of Student Academics

Willard College Professor of Latvian Poetry Requests the Person who Took his Cucumber to Kindly Return it

Dear Colleagues in Pinel Hall,

I would like to alert everyone on the second floor of a disturbing situation to which I became aware earlier this week. A cucumber, actually THIS cucumber is mine. I had brought it up a few weeks ago and was planning to have it for lunch on Wednesday. But is gone. Fortunately, I had thought to take a picture of the vegetable the previous, being Tuesday I believe. Would the person or persons who stole this vegetable, my vegetable kindly return it to me or compensate me for the item.

Thank you,

Vladisl Grynn

Willard College Asks Graduates and Supporters to SEND CASH NOW!

Dear Willard College Graduates and Supporters,

Please send Willard College CASH NOW!!!! As many of you know, financial planning for an institution of higher education has grown increasingly difficult. As Willard has grown and its mission has diversified, we have faced unprecedented challenges in keeping the books balanced. Cash is king right now because it is easier to move into the various areas of operation that keep the College functioning. With cash we can more easily make choices about stopping up the revenue gaps.


Vice President of Finances, Dr. Dominic Ponzi