Willard College Fundraising for FY 2017


Dear Board of Trustees

Willard College’s fundraising efforts for FY 2017 yielded a net loss of $234,790.78. That is, we spent $234,790.78 in consulting fees, hiring part time phone bank operators, etc. and raised no money. Not a single penny. In light of the removal of Dr. Henry Cotton from the office of the president, the Board of Trustees can expect a full accounting of the financial misdeeds that occurred during his presidency. We continue to search for Cheryl Tina Faye Cotton who appears to have played a hand in the issue mentioned at the commencement of this letter.

Sincerely, Interim-president and interim-former provost Creedmoor

Cheryl Tina Faye Cotton’s Whereabouts are Unknown

Dear Provost Creedmoor, Former President Cotton’s wife, Cheryl Tina Faye Cotton cannot be located. We believe that she has left campus and is in communication with staff inside the Provost’s office and the President’s office via landline. As you know, the situation remains “fluid” and President Cotton has yet to sign the resignation letter. As per your instructions, he is being accommodated in a secure facility in the Lombroso Center here on campus and he is only communicating with the staff who you designated.


Signed: No Signature

Provost Creedmoor Self-Appoints as Interim President of Willard College as former President Henry Cotton’s Resignation Proceeds Through Legal Channels

Dear Willard Community, At this critical juncture in the Willard College’s history, I have self-appointed to the college presidency pending the completion of the legal process for the final renunciations of former President Cotton. There is no reason for alarm. Please conduct yourselves as you would normally. Reports of disturbances by student groups are being addresses by members of the Willard College Security Service (former Public Safety).

Please remain calm and respect the order which is the foundation of any college’s campus lives.

Sincerely, Acting President Creedmoor