Willard College in Australia!


Exciting news from the Office of Study Abroad. Starting in 2016, Willard College students who have successfully paid for three years of tuition will be eligible to spend a semester abroad in Telfer, Australia, at our soon to be opened “Willard College in Australia” campus! Just a quick drive to the lovely beaches of northern Australia, you’ll wonder why your ancestors didn’t go to Australia instead of Baltimore! Australians speak a dialect of English that most Americans can easily understand, the television is all in English, and they even have a queen that they worship so you don’t need to worry about feeling uncomfortable. You will need an updated passport. The “Willard College in Australia” campus can accommodate all majors and programs of study thanks to an internet-rich curriculum.

Best regards, Dr. Webster Davies, Director of Office of Study Abroad

Willard College Summer Concert Series 2014


Willard College is thrilled to announce the inaugural performance of our Summer Concert Series. Bring your lawn chairs and coolers out and find a good spot early so that you don’t miss the Wyoming Metropolitan Opera perform “Cheney.” Libretto by Lynn Cheney, the opera tells the story of Richard “Dick” Cheney, from his boyhood on a Wyoming ranch to his time in combat in Vietnam to his constitutional seizure of power following the 9/11 attacks.

Willard College Summer Kamp 2014

gomer pyle

Do you think most camps sound pretty boring? Does canoeing and archery sound like something for babies? Do you find it hard to believe that anyone would still do woodworking in 2014?

Have you ever wanted to fire a real mortar with live ammunition? Have you ever wondered what it was like to perform an autopsy?Would you like to learn how to do intake processing for felons who have been remanded to state prisons? Do you want to learn how forest fires start and why they spread so quickly? Do you want to attend a camp with no “lights out,” no “meal times,” and no “learning to all get along?” Have ever wanted to learn how to run a real Ponzi scheme and NOT get caught? Do you think camping would be a lot more fun if it involved hunting down a human prey, who had been given a ten  minute head start? Do you want to know how to pack to survive a post-atomic apocalypse? Do you think the Geneva Conventions are just “suggested guidelines?”

If you were answering “YES” to these questions,  please consider asking your parents to enroll you immediately in Willard College Summer Kamp 2014.


Please remember to register early as spots fill up quickly.

Happy Camping, Dr. Westbrook Pegler, Director of the Willard College Summer Institutes

Schitz Furnaces Kampground and Kountry Inn in Schitz Furnaces, Pennsylvania will Host the Willard College Faculty Summer Retreat and Workshop


Namaste Willard College Faculty, Pack your bags because it is time  to head into the hills for the Willard College Annual Summer Faculty Retreat. As in past years, we will be spending the weekend in Schitz Furnaces at the Schitz Furnaces Kampground and Kountry Inn. Our hosts, Trey and Luna Schitz, have spruced things up, and we look forward to seeing the new ceiling tiles and the swimming pond minus the snapping turtles.  As many of you may know, I have experienced some profound regrowth following my recent and very public split with  Cheryl Tina Faye. This year’s retreat, hosted by Namaste, Inc., reflects the spiritual work that I have performed in the past month. With that in mind, don’t forget your yoga mats and pillows, your healing teas, and vitamin supplements! Forget the Trust Falls, Cocktail Hours, and Assessment Protocol Workshops from last year. Plan on many hours of silent contemplation as we are led through the Eight Stages of Living Death by my life coach, Sri Bodhi Namaste.

Namaste, Henry “Bodhi” Cotton