Pre-Ambassadoresse Callista Gingrich Delivers Willard College Commencement Address


With her husband at her side, turning the pages of her forty-seven page long speech, Pre-Ambassadoresse Callista Gingrich delivered the Willard College Commencement Address to a rapt audience of soon to be graduating seniors and post-seniors, as well as their parents, siblings, friends, and others who had paid for tickets to attend the event. Pre-Ambassadoresse Gingrich’s speech was entitled “Building Dreams: The Newt and Callista Gingrich Story.”¬†Highlights from the speech are password protected and the speech in its entirety has been optioned for a book with Regnery Press¬†and cannot be reproduced by any entity without the permission of Gingrich¬†Productions! Pre-Ambassadoresse Gingrich has been mentioned as the next representative of the United States to the Holy See, aka THE VATICAN!


Willard College offers Internships in College Instruction

Interested in learning about the fast-paced world of College Instruction in an on-the-job setting? Enjoy working with technology while also inter-facing with a client base? Able to type? Willard College seeks Interns in College Instruction to work in our new Willard College On-line Summer College Program. As of the Summer of 2017, 43% of all awarded college credits will be delivered via on-line courses. Be part of our growing team of highly trained Part-time Remote instructors through the Internships in College Instruction program.

For more information about how to earn College Credits while Interning as a College Instructor, contact Dean of Remote College Instruction Kasper Faleroni.