Plans to Avoid Mistakes from the 2017 Commencement

The Commencement Planning Committee has shared with the Board of Trustees a list of recommendations to help us avoid the problems from last year’s commencement. You’ll recall that at last year’s commencement, which lasted 13 hour and 43 minutes, 3 people died from heart attacks, two babies were born, 89 people were hospitalized for drug overdoses, alcohol poisoning, dehydration, and food poisoning, and 4 guests walked away from the event and were never seen again. We recommend:

  1. Commencement should not last more than five hours.
  2. All Commencement speeches should be in English.
  3. Bathrooms on campus should remain open and accessible.
  4. Campus Riot Police and SWAT team should be on stand-by but should not actively patrol during Commencement.
  5. All speakers should be required to be sober.


Thank you,

Commencement Planning Committee