Willard College Looks to New Real Estate Opportunities


Dear Campus Community,

Real estate can be a crucial part of any college’s long term financial plan. And while we are slowly modifying the bricks and mortar dimensions of the learning environment, we cannot be blind to the need to expand our physical presence. Talk about a dilemma!

I’m excited, therefore, to announce that Willard College will be bidding on a piece of strategically located real estate in upstate New York. The Harriet Tubman Residential Center was a premier youth detention center from its founding in 1993 until its recent repurposing as a revenue generator for the Empire State. Located in the thriving city of Auburn, we anticipate that Willard College-Tubman Campus will help to build our brand and enhance our diversity initiative.

Tubman Campus will be designed to facilitate a new blended learning model, where students can take on-line courses being produced at both the Willard College facility and at off-site locations. WCTC offers a warm and supportive campus-feeling space complete with a cafeteria, lounge areas, WiFi,  and recreational facilities.

See you soon, President Henry Cotton

New Office Space at Willard


Dear Adjunct Faculty,

You are the life blood of this institution, and as such, deserve quality office space. Unfortunately, building priorities have shifted over the last few years, and our ability to keep pace with the growth of your sector had lagged. It is therefore with great pleasure that I announce the inauguration of the renovation of a new designated facility for adjuncts. Keep in mind that Willard pledges to maintain a deep commitment to high quality at a competitive price point. You are essential to that mission.

Best regards, President Henry Cotton

P.S. For those new to campus, please remember that Willard College has a Faculty Dress Code. Male faculty are forbidden to wear open-toes sandals or flip-flops.