Holiday Greetings from Dr. Henry Cotton, President of Willard College


The season is upon us. The boughs of mistletoe, the fragrance of pine. As you may have heard, Cheryl Tina Faye Cotton and I have been temporarily separated now for a few months. She’s in Costa Rica trying to sort things out. Yoga, surfing, and four hour long massages. Meanwhile, I’m here, working up a list of leadership readings to get me back into the leadership head space.

See everyone back in January.

Dr. Henry Cotton

Dr. Faux, Director of the Willard College Health Center, Resigns


Dear Faculty and Staff,

Effective this morning, Dr. Faux resigned as director of the Willard College Health Center. Dr. Faux has been with Willard College for 63 years, since we were a psychiatric hospital and so we see in his resignation that last bridge to the past departing. Dr. Faux’s pioneering work in leucotomy raised his profile nationally. Dr. Faux was successful in cutting costs and helping students to not seek out unnecessary and unnecessarily costly medical interventions. Dr. Faux was also the sole medical staff at our Health Center so please direct students to the Sylvester County Hospital for any life-threatening or routine medical concerns.

Thanks again Dr. Faux!

Love, Dr. Henry Cotton