Sean Spicer Heads to Harvard

We were lucky to have Sean Spicer at Willard College for a few hours. And we wish him well at his new academic home, HARVARD UNIVERSITY. Needless to say, we aren’t surprised to find Willard College and Harvard College showing up in the same news story. Clearly, these are two academic institutions that value integrity, honesty, and intellectual rigor. Good luck Harvard! Good luck Dr. Spicer!

Sincerely, Interim-Temporary President Dr. Gauleiter

Willard College to Stop Trying

Dear Colleagues, Can we be better? Yes. How much better? Quite a bit. Are we willing to expend the time, energy, and money to make those positive changes happen? It depends. What are we talking about? Will the changes change anything? Or will the changes just be more of the same? My name is Henry Cotton and I am the acting deposed president of Willard College and I’ve hacked the Willard College website to share these thoughts with you. I don’t have much time because the Public Safety may have already noticed this breach to the security of the server. If I did anything during my tenure as your president, it was asking tough questions? I’m not afraid to ask the questions. But was I ready to hear the answers? May be. Who says I wasn’t? Someone is coming. I gotta go. HC

Willard College enters Time-share agreement with USA’s largest time share enterprise!

Willard College takes another step forward, reaching above and beyond standard “best-practices” as they relate to college finances, enrollment management, and campus facilities as we join RCI 
Weeks, the world’ premier Time Share corporation. This is a classic example of building a new brand through collaboration with a brand pioneer. Details to follow


Vice Provost of Financial Affairs and interim-General Counsel, Dr. Glutina Sucre

Former Provost Gauleiter and temporary interim-President of Willard College