Willard College Stage Walk-out to Protest Hillary Clinton’s Election


Dear President Cotton,

Public Safety is actively and aggressively monitoring the current student walk-out. About 25% of the student body has walked of classes to protest Hillary Clinton’s election. They have gathered at the Charcot Student Center and there has been a string of speeches interspersed with chants of “Lock her Up!” We consider the current situation to not pose a threat to the normal operations of the institution.

Thank you,

Director of Public Safety, Sidney Cullather

What does Financial Ruin really mean?


Dear Community,

The news that Willard College has gone into receivership has been now widely circulated. We in the administration are still trying to determine what exactly this means, whether it is true, and whose fault it is. In addition, we feel that the financial challenges may be related to the several active lawsuits against Willard College by former, current, and future students. Finally, we are looking into the allegation that the financial problems are likely the result of no wrong doing on the part of myself, President Henry Cotton.

Sincerely, President Cotton