Shared Governance Task Force

Dear Willard Faculty,

The Shared Governance Task Force has rescheduled its weekly Monday 4pm meetings. Meetings scheduled for even numbered days will be moved to the next even numbered Thursday. Meetings scheduled for odd numbered Mondays will be moved to the immediate prior even Thursday.

Questions about the policy may be directed to my administrative assistant, whose landline number can be located in the print edition of the upcoming “Willard College Directory.”


Provost Brouxet

Provost Brouxet Declines to Resign


Dear President Cotton, Regarding your last letter, I decline your kind request that I resign my position as Vice Interim Provost of Willard College. Since the sudden departure of Provost Gauleiter, and the scandal that accompanied the related and very public impending divorce from your future ex-wife, Cheryl Tina Faye Cotton, the Board of Trustees, in their great wisdom, appointed me to this position. It is clear from my contract that I answer to the Board and not to you. My primary charge is to clarify Cheryl Tina Faye Cotton’s precise relationship to the financial health of this institution, specifically to the question of unaccounted and/or missing funds, a damaged college vehicle, and a rather serious case of arson.

At the same time, as chief academic officer on the campus, I’ve been charged to reverse a systematic ‘mollycoddling’ of faculty and staff that has been a hallmark of your last year as president. See last summer’s so-called retreat and the more recent parking policy. Details of the new order will be forthcoming.


Vice Interim Provost, Lionel Brouxet (pronounced Brouchettes)

Parking Policy Revisions Announcement


Please remember that if you have a parking pass for Faculty and Staff Lots X, Y, or Z, you need to feed the meter every hour. The meters now take $5 and $1o bills. Lots R,S, and T are being repaved but there are shuttles on the Four Hour from Lots AA, BB, and CC. You will need an updated parking pass to access those lots. Finally, President Cotton has been re-elected as Chairman of the Parking Appeals Board.