Willard College Faculty Senate Executive Board Proposes Faculty Sign Loyalty Pledges and Accepts Collegial Conversation with respect to the Proposal

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The Faculty Senate Executive Board proposed that all faculty be asked to sign a Loyalty Pledge to Willard College and its Senior Leadership. The proposal was met with a spirited discussion during the Faculty Senate plenary session. While some voiced concerns about “labor rights,” “accountability,” and a “hostile work environment,” the majority echoed the opinion of the Executive Board that such a Loyalty Pledge would ensure a smoother operation of the College. This same majority discounted the unfounded accusations of several disgruntled faculty that the presence of Dr. Cheryl Tina Fae Cotton on the Executive Board presented undue pressure on faculty to support the measure. It was noted in the minutes that Dr. Cheryl Tina Fae Cotton is both Director of the Counseling Service but is also a faculty in good standing in the Department of Experimental Psychology, whose publications on the effects of Solitary Confinement on reading skills have been well received around the world.


Dr. Hamstock Paine, President of the Faculty Senate Executive Board

Willard College, Where Yesterday’s Tomorrow is Tomorrow’s Today

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Dear Faculty,

As part of the Willard Forever Plan, we are re-re-rebranding Willard College. As noted on page 32 of your new “Faculty Manual,” you will see that faculty are asked to included the brand logo and motto into all course materials and to incorporate said branding into all lessons plan and pedagogy. Please remember, therefore, to keep “Where Yesterday’s Tomorrow is Tomorrow’s Today” at the forefront of your class. Willard College logos MUST be on all course handouts, including syllabi. If you need assistance in thinking outside of the box, please do not hesitate to contact our office.


Parceque Beaucoup, Dean of Marketing, Branding, and Merchandising