Willard College Employment: The Five Stages

After an individual has been hired by Willard College, has signed the contract, they embark upon a FIVE stage process. We at Human Resources, hope this simple lay out will help employees navigate the experience, the Willard Experience, with great comfort and confidence.

Phase One: Onboarding

You will receive keys, passwords, and other equipment required to complete your work

Phase Two: Orientation

This is not the same as Onboarding.

Phase Three: Onboard

The non gerund of “onboarding.” During “onboard,” the individual is an employee of Willard College

Phase Four: Off-Planking

The employee is now a former employee, their employment having been terminated. Off-planking involves returning keys, equipment, and having passwords changed.

Phase Five: Deplanking

The former employee sues Willard College. The College retaliates with its own array of law suits. The former employee is required to sign an agreement, the Deplanking Agreement, wherein they agree to deny having ever worked at Willard College.

We hope this clarifies any confusion,

Sincerely, Dean Thomas Gristle, Vice President of Financial Affairs and Chair of the Campus Beautification Committee and Gary Chorizo