Associate Vice Provost Milton Vandergrind Will Lead Willard Reimagining Working Group



We are excited to announce that Associate Vice Provost Milton Vandergrind will be leading the Willard Reimaging Working Group. With 20 years of experience in the Cruise Ship Industry where Dr. Vandergrind is a thought-leader, he will leadership the campus efforts to respond elegantly and gently to the post-COVID 19 reality. In his opening remarks, shared below, Dr. Vandergrind shared his philosophy of leadering. “We are living in a state of exception, and as such authority and decision making must revert to the original source, that of the office of the President and the person of its occupant, Dr. Henry Cotton and in the case of his incapacitation, either Provost Shames or Associate Vice Dean, Cheryl Tina Faye Cotton. This is the end of any messaging that would be relevant to faculty or staff. Please cease all underground communications and await further instructions.” At the conclusion of his remarks, we enjoyed a lovely luncheon of cold salmon, cucumber salad, and chilled white wines.

Sincerely, Dr. President Henry Cotton