An Apology from Willard College

Willard College wishes to apologize for its earlier subject line, which has been changed to conform to the values and dreams of Willard College, its Board of Trustees, its full-tuition paying students, its faculty all along the pay scale, and its many part-time cleaning and facilities staff who had to clean up the mess about which we have by now all read about. Best, Henry Cotton

Crisis at Willard’s Museum of Art


Dear Members of the Board of Trustees,

As always, thank you for your last letter. I agree that the incident described was horrific, indecent, and troubling, but I wish to assure you that it does not reflect the broader management of our institution.

No one was as shocked as I was when we entered  the Krafft-Ebbing Campus Museum and discovered that an installation art piece entitled “Shit on Willard” had been set up in the main exhibition hall. Of course, this ruined what had promised to be a pleasant evening of art, music, and dining for the Trustees and Administrators

You had some specific questions about the installation piece, which I ‘d like to answer. First, yes, the feces that had been deposited throughout the hall was human in origin as determined by lab tests. Second, we do not know how the material had been delivered to these locations. Third, the Museum Director, Dr. Chelmers Tucker, had not been apprised of the details of the exhibit, and may have been misled as to its true characteristics. Fourth, no one in the Art Department (which is currently being folded into Computer Game Design) has taken responsibility.

Finally, I’d like to address the artist statement which we all read with a certain degree of dismay. The document, which was taped to the floor, and was surrounded by the aforementioned substance, made a variety of charges against the institution but we find them to be baseless and without merit. I would like to especially note that Willard College students are no more in debt than the average college student.

In the short term, I ask the Trustees to have patience while we clear up but the physical mess and also begin to clarify responsibility for this hate crime against a venerable place of learning.

Sincerely, Dr. Henry Cotton, President of Willard College

Sad new from Willard College

It is with deep sadness that I announce the passing of distinguished Associate Provost for Athletic Affairs, Dr. Primo Juan Gomes de Farandula, M.D., PhD. Since arriving to Willard, Dr. Gomes de Farandula shepherded our athletics program from the shadow of criminal indictment to its current position. Born in Spain in 1910, Gomes de Farandula saw action during what he referred to as the “so-called Spanish Civil War.” Following the triumph of Franco, Gomes de Farandula worked in data collection and internal security before earning a medical degree. Thanks to his ground-breaking  research on the impact of electrical currents on brain function, Dr. Gomes de Farandula enjoyed a successful career at a string of state-run hospitals. Following the end of the regime that he helped to establish, Gomes de Farandula wandered the globe, with sojourns in Chile, Indonesia, and Guatemala, before finding his “home away from home” at Willard Psychiatric Hospital. One of the last remaining former hospital employees to transition to higher education, Gomes de Farandula was a tireless advocate of college athletics, which he once described as the “purest, most direct, form of the organic and corporatist perfection. In a society that degenerates before our very eyes, as corrosive and illegitimate ideas destroy our young people, it is athletes which protect that which is most exalted.” Inspired by the medieval Spanish legal doctrine of the fuero, the good doctor held that athletes, like clergy and the military, should only be accountable to themselves. Dr. Gomes de Farandula also put his medical training to good use, and was able to definitively disprove “the s0-called concussion crisis in college football.”

In his later years, Gomes de Farandula made his way around campus by golf cart, often accompanied by the many assistant coaches who he had brought on staff. Despite suffering from diabetes, dementia, progressive general paralysis, and a host of other ailments, he continued working until he drew his last breath. There are no known survivors.

With heavy heart, Dr. Henry Cotton

Sex, Sandals, and Salad

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Administrators, 15-first-date-fashion-mistakes-men-make39184005-apr-13-2012-600x544

I would also like to take a moment to explain a new policy that fits roughly into our domestic partnership/marriage policy. As you know, following passage of Marriage Equality laws here, Willard now provides equal recognition and benefits to all married couples. Willard has also maintained the policy of a fire-wall between spouses both employed here. One spouse may not supervise another spouse. If the couple is in the same department, neither may serve as chair. For a host of reasons, a person may recuse him or herself from any work that involves the other half of the couple.
But in the past several years, intra-departmental extra-marital affairs have become so pervasive that we have needed to develop policies to cover these matters. Effective next week, Willard College is the first institution of higher learning that recognizes covert romantic relationships. The policy will have no bearing on insurance coverage, health insurance, or any other benefit normally accruing to employees. My administration, however, will allow covert couples to apply for additional travel money so that an individual may travel to a conference or other professional event with their partner. Because Willard College understands that extra-marital relationships can be very stressful, especially for those who are already married, Willard will provide coverage, including a wide menu of plausible excuses, for periods when you are with your additional loved one. Human Resources will set up an account that you can access online
Willard College is also placing a ban on male or female faculty wearing sandals, or any open-toed show, with socks, or any other form of hosiery. I was recently taking prospective students around campus when we encountered a group of philosophy and physics faculty having lunch. All of them were sporting this look. Needless to say, it was difficult to explain this to the prospective students.
Finally, faculty may no longer store food of any sort in their offices. This policy builds on last year’s ban on the use of cots or hammocks in the office, and is part of a college-wide effort to de-domesticate faculty offices. The food edict is also a a result of recent vermin infestations, which may have contributed to what was feared to have been a hantavirus outbreak.
Best regards, President Henry Cotton

Willard Touches Itself, Again

Dear Faculty,Koala
As we begin to prepare for the Spring into Spring 2014 Semester, I want to thank everyone for the kind notes and letters during my recent sojourn to San Diego over break. California was lovely but rest assured, I’ve returned to my heart’s work and love, Willard College. Many of you were concerned that I might not return from the balmy world of La Jolla and Carlsbad, but there is so much yet to do to and with Willard College.

Best, President Henry Cotton

P.S. If you returned to campus only to discover that the contents of your office were no longer there, rest assured that they are in transit to your new work station!