Crisis at Willard’s Museum of Art


Dear Members of the Board of Trustees,

As always, thank you for your last letter. I agree that the incident described was horrific, indecent, and troubling, but I wish to assure you that it does not reflect the broader management of our institution.

No one was as shocked as I was when we entered  the Krafft-Ebbing Campus Museum and discovered that an installation art piece entitled “Shit on Willard” had been set up in the main exhibition hall. Of course, this ruined what had promised to be a pleasant evening of art, music, and dining for the Trustees and Administrators

You had some specific questions about the installation piece, which I ‘d like to answer. First, yes, the feces that had been deposited throughout the hall was human in origin as determined by lab tests. Second, we do not know how the material had been delivered to these locations. Third, the Museum Director, Dr. Chelmers Tucker, had not been apprised of the details of the exhibit, and may have been misled as to its true characteristics. Fourth, no one in the Art Department (which is currently being folded into Computer Game Design) has taken responsibility.

Finally, I’d like to address the artist statement which we all read with a certain degree of dismay. The document, which was taped to the floor, and was surrounded by the aforementioned substance, made a variety of charges against the institution but we find them to be baseless and without merit. I would like to especially note that Willard College students are no more in debt than the average college student.

In the short term, I ask the Trustees to have patience while we clear up but the physical mess and also begin to clarify responsibility for this hate crime against a venerable place of learning.

Sincerely, Dr. Henry Cotton, President of Willard College

4 thoughts on “Crisis at Willard’s Museum of Art

  1. Thank you, Henry Cotton, for your commitment to transparency and hygiene. We stand with Willard during these difficult times.

  2. Indiana Concerned Citizens for the Protection of America

    After this unfortunate incident, you may be interested to learn about our efforts in security force global sourcing. It is a global business solution at a fraction of the cost of American security detail, and we’ve only had one less than satisfactory experience thus far (see figure A):

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