Willard College: Making a Different Difference


How will Willard College position its brand in the next decade? How can we high visible Willard to the premium domestic market? During a recent trip to the East Coast, I was impressed by the variety of vehicles sporting college bumper stickers. Cheryl Tina and I began to take note of the correlation between year and make of car and the type and number of bumper stickers.  It was a daunting process. Why were we seeing Princeton  on beat up Subarus and Fitchburg States on Cadillacs? What explained the University of Vermont along side Exeter? I’ve direct the Office of Media Opportunities and Relations to build a new theme, “Willard College: Making a Different Difference.” Our goals is to build brand association with the kinds of quality institutions that can diversify and build our market share.

Thanks, Henry Cotton

Willard Prepares to Welcome the Class of 2013

Dear Great Willard Faculty and Staff,

English: LTG Willard W. Scott, taken in course...

English: LTG Willard W. Scott, taken in course of his official duties (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a few months, the Class of 2017 will begin to arrive to Willard College. With all the big changes around campus, it seemed a good time to orient you to the new Willard.

When you advise students, remember that our record-low projected enrollment figures resulted in a faculty retrenchment that perhaps over compensated for the original problem. You should anticipate having difficulty locating seats for Fall semester courses. I strongly urge you, therefore, to direct students to select from Willard’s menu of on-campus/on-line courses. 

Remember, these courses offer the “full college experience.” Students can complete course work anywhere on campus without the hassles that often accompany attending what we now call the “four wall classroom.” You might also remind students that the on-campus/on-line courses come at the same price point as traditional classes. Parents and students often make the mistake of assuming that on-line is more expensive!

Sincerely, Henry Cotton

P.S. Special thanks to our new Dean of Collegiate Learning, Dr. Leo Gagnon, for his hard work in moving our on-line opportunities forward so quickly.

Willard College is Flipped out on Flipped Classrooms!

Dear Willard College faculty,      Flip Wilson - Flipped Out

Assessment Strategies for the Flipped Classroom is an exciting new approach to assessing a new approach to the classroom. I realize that we are all busy, so if you don’t have time to read the hyperlink, here are the highlights.

“Students are solving problems and analyzing information. They are working in small groups, talking together, and moving around. The instructor interacts and guides but does not lecture. In fact, no one has lectured to these students in weeks. It looks a little messy.
Some might call it chaotic. But it isn’t out of control. It is simply flipped—and it’s supposed to be that way. Flipped classes are the talk of campuses right now because they can be very effective learning environments. But with all that chaos, how can you tell that it’s working?

Can you guess what the answer is?

Sincerely, Henry Cotton

P.S. Remember that  “all the new terminology—flipping, layering—can seem confusing at first. However, the words don’t have to get in your way. You can get past the lingo and straight to how best to measure learning in Assessment Strategies for the Flipped Classroom, a new Magna Online Seminar.”

Willard College stands with Princeton University!

Princeton University pool, Princeton, New Jersey

Princeton University pool, Princeton, New Jersey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We read with alarm news of a law suit against Princeton University. Local residents are attempting to disenfranchise our sister institution of its tax-exempt status. I do not need to say more about the chilling effect this could have on the good work being done at Willard College.

In solidarity with Princeton, President Henry Cotton

Willard Lives and Lives!



The same letters in the same order. But one is a verb and the other is a noun. Are they the same word? Maybe.

Today, I want us to think about both an action and a being. Willard is a place, with athletic facilities, dormitories, and nationally ranked dining halls and recreational facilities. Willard is also highly qualified and devoted administrators, students, support staff, and let me not fail to mention, faculty. But we are also a verb. Increasingly, “to Willard” means to take decisive action, without hang-wringing or worry.

Sincerely, Henry Cotton