Willard College: Making a Different Difference


How will Willard College position its brand in the next decade? How can we high visible Willard to the premium domestic market? During a recent trip to the East Coast, I was impressed by the variety of vehicles sporting college bumper stickers. Cheryl Tina and I began to take note of the correlation between year and make of car and the type and number of bumper stickers.  It was a daunting process. Why were we seeing Princeton  on beat up Subarus and Fitchburg States on Cadillacs? What explained the University of Vermont along side Exeter? I’ve direct the Office of Media Opportunities and Relations to build a new theme, “Willard College: Making a Different Difference.” Our goals is to build brand association with the kinds of quality institutions that can diversify and build our market share.

Thanks, Henry Cotton

4 thoughts on “Willard College: Making a Different Difference

  1. I love this post! A story is starting! Really good. I think you should try to continue this thread. Who are Cheryl and Tina?

    • Dear Mr. Cooper, Willard College is really devoted to building a quality collegiate brand. Cheryl Tina is one person, and she is my wife, Cheryl Tina Cotton. Sincerely, President Henry Cotton

  2. Wink Dinkerson

    Dear Good Dr. Cotton,
    You might consider a tie in with the “Eat More Kale” convent…they have excellent correlation with both Lexus and Odyssey minivan bumpers, which in turn should correlate to families that can pay full boat tuition. Was Cheryl Tina’s maiden name Louise? Just curious.
    In Macadamia,
    Nutty professor

  3. Dear Nutty, Can you recommend a consultancy that works on bumper stickers? Cheers, Henry

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