Willard Prepares to Welcome the Class of 2013

Dear Great Willard Faculty and Staff,

English: LTG Willard W. Scott, taken in course...

English: LTG Willard W. Scott, taken in course of his official duties (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a few months, the Class of 2017 will begin to arrive to Willard College. With all the big changes around campus, it seemed a good time to orient you to the new Willard.

When you advise students, remember that our record-low projected enrollment figures resulted in a faculty retrenchment that perhaps over compensated for the original problem. You should anticipate having difficulty locating seats for Fall semester courses. I strongly urge you, therefore, to direct students to select from Willard’s menu of on-campus/on-line courses. 

Remember, these courses offer the “full college experience.” Students can complete course work anywhere on campus without the hassles that often accompany attending what we now call the “four wall classroom.” You might also remind students that the on-campus/on-line courses come at the same price point as traditional classes. Parents and students often make the mistake of assuming that on-line is more expensive!

Sincerely, Henry Cotton

P.S. Special thanks to our new Dean of Collegiate Learning, Dr. Leo Gagnon, for his hard work in moving our on-line opportunities forward so quickly.

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