Willard College Suspends Swimming Program

Dear Campus,

Due to a variety of technical issues with our swimming pool, liability problems, and a recent shift in our finances, Willard College is closing the campus swimming pool. The swim teams will continue practices in the gym and will use a variety of dry-land techniques. We also wish to thank Coach Noah Hopeless, whose service to the college will no longer be required.

Sincerely, Dean Thomas Gristle, Vice President of Financial Affairs and Chair of the Campus Beautification Committee, Provost Vandergrind, and Gary Chorizo, Ad-hoc Director of Facilities

Willard College College of Law Accepting Applications

Dear Willard College Communities,

We are thrilled to announce that the recently inaugurated Willard College College of Law is accepting applications for Fall 2023 semester. While we continue to face a few small hurdles, including full vetting and accreditation by the state and demonstration of compliance with the standards of the American Bar Association, we are confident that the Willard Way will shine forth. In addition to the standard menu of First Year Law courses, the Willard College College of Law will offer a specializes set of courses in Higher Education Law.

With great excitement,

Dean Karl Erique Goovier

Renovations of the Presidential Residence Approved by Willard College Board of Trustees

Dear Campus Community,

The Board of Trustees approved renovations of the Willard College Presidential Residential Compound. The PRC has not seen significant renovations since 2015. Since then, the campus has experienced significant challenges, including COVID, discrepancies between CARE Act Relief and the subsequent outlays by the college, the loss of many faculty and staff both to COVID and to the lay offs that we were forced to undertake. And so it is with great joy, that we can begin this important process of rebuilding our campus and college community.

Cheryl Tina Fae Cotton is working closely with architects, landscape designers, and interior decorators to bring the interior and exterior of the home up to 2023 standards.

Sincerely, Dean Thomas Gristle, Vice President of Financial Affairs and Chair of the Campus Beautification Committee