Willard College Suspends Swimming Program

Dear Campus,

Due to a variety of technical issues with our swimming pool, liability problems, and a recent shift in our finances, Willard College is closing the campus swimming pool. The swim teams will continue practices in the gym and will use a variety of dry-land techniques. We also wish to thank Coach Noah Hopeless, whose service to the college will no longer be required.

Sincerely, Dean Thomas Gristle, Vice President of Financial Affairs and Chair of the Campus Beautification Committee, Provost Vandergrind, and Gary Chorizo, Ad-hoc Director of Facilities

One thought on “Willard College Suspends Swimming Program

  1. Leslie Phullokraap

    Right! This is what you get for enforcing Title IX! I speak for the entire group of Retrograde Alumni! We are devastated! Ugh!

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