Willard College in Australia!


Exciting news from the Office of Study Abroad. Starting in 2016, Willard College students who have successfully paid for three years of tuition will be eligible to spend a semester abroad in Telfer, Australia, at our soon to be opened “Willard College in Australia” campus! Just a quick drive to the lovely beaches of northern Australia, you’ll wonder why your ancestors didn’t go to Australia instead of Baltimore! Australians speak a dialect of English that most Americans can easily understand, the television is all in English, and they even have a queen that they worship so you don’t need to worry about feeling uncomfortable. You will need an updated passport. The “Willard College in Australia” campus can accommodate all majors and programs of study thanks to an internet-rich curriculum.

Best regards, Dr. Webster Davies, Director of Office of Study Abroad

One thought on “Willard College in Australia!

  1. […] this location for an International Satellite Campus of Willard College. (You will recall that the Australian satellite campus burned down several years […]

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