Willard College College of Business Invites Entrepreneurial Innovator to Teach Introduction to Business Courses via Skype from his AIRBNB in Puerto Rico

Dear President Cotton, Assuming we receive confirmation from Mr. Brock Pierce, blockchain entrepreneur and former child actor, the business faculty will be dismissed en toto and the Willard College College of Business will begin the rapid and decisive transition to the first all-remote all-Skype based Business education program in the USA. Willard College will have exactly zero on-campus or even off-campus faculty. All courses will be taught via Skype lectures given by the A-list of global entrepreneurship leadership thinkers, doers, and practitioners. The College of Business will be operated by my self, the Dean of the College of Business, and one and a quarter administrative assistant(s).

Dean of the Willard College College of Business

Jon “Scotty” Wilsbury, MBA, PhD, JDA


Delete and Disregard Previous Email from President Henry Cotton

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Senior Executive Leadership Team Administrators,

Please delete and disregard the last email you received from President Henry Cotton. That email was intended for an on-line content provider in the Ukraine. That provider’s server penetrated the Willard College server and resent Dr. Cotton’s email to the campus community along with their response to a service request from Dr. Cotton. If you did open the email and view the files, please call the Willard College Institutional Technology Service and they can scrub your hard drive.

Sincerely, Glax Wutterman, WCITS

Willard College President Henry Cotton and His Wife Cheryl Tina Faye Cotton (Over) Share about Summer

We are wishing all of campus a blessed summer and a fruitful resting of mind, spirit, body, and psyche. As we prepare for the upcoming semester, we wanted to share about our summer. Cheryl Tina Faye Cotton’s mother visited us from Kissimmee, Florida, where she lives with her fifth husband, Rick. As always, they made the long trek northward in Rick’s 2018 RV. He buys a new one every January! Henry started to practice yoga (again!) and devotes two hours to this practice every morning in the TV room (which has been anointed by a local yoga master who sprayed the room with water from the Ganges). Cheryl Tina Faye continued to do her daily journaling and in the process found a new calling, scrap-booking. After some mindful discussions, the Cottons elected to buy a new refrigerator with a bottom freezer drawer and no ice machine. We find that machine ice has a metallic flavor and we prefer hand crafted ice. Henry attempted to adopt a new cat but after a transitional period of two weeks, we decided that Cheryl Tina Faye was unable to adapt to the new situation.

With devotional love, Henry and Cheryl Tina Faye Cotton, PhDs

Willard College Faculty Publishes a Four Line Poem in Arkansas Prison Guard Bi-Annual Publication

Willard College Assistant Professor of Physics, Wylie Haymen, has published a poem in the Arkansas Correctional Officers Newsletter, “The Guard.” Published bi-annually, Dr. Haymen had submitted his poem, “Seedlings Waiting,” 9 times before the “The Guard” published the four line ode which the author has generously allowed us to reproduce in its entirety.

Stand down, seedling

It is time to get the fuck out of this cell

And grow, grow, grow.

Get the fuck out of this cell.

Dr. Haymen has been assistant professor of Physics at Willard College since 1989. He recently co-chaired the President’s Forum on Assessment Alternatives and has served since 1994 on the Parking Subcommittee. He is three times divorced and has several adult children with whom he no longer speaks. Beloved by his students, his innovative teaching includes having Introduction to Physics students build model rail road scenarios in the basement of the house he shares with his mother, Henrietta Haymen, who supervised the Female Ward for the Criminally Insane at the old Willard Asylum before it was closed and became Willard College. Dr. Haymen never knew his father who came from a long line of cheese producers.