Jefferson Kopek, Professor of Writing who has not written single word in 40 years, retires.

It is mixed emotions, many of them sad, that I announce that Jefferson Kopek, Professor of Writing is (I cannot believe I’m going to write this) retiring. Mr. Kopek was a much beloved professor who was notable for having never published anything. And even more striking, Mr. Kopek had not written a single letter, much less a word, since the summer of 1982 when he penned an irate letter to the Sylvester County Chronicle entitled: “Why I don’t smoke too much pot.” Mr. Kopek is a local boy, having attend Sylvester County Unified School District from K-12, except for 11th grade. In 1970 Mr. Kopek graduated from Pinecone College with a degree in botany. He went on to pursue several advanced degrees, and obtained the title ABD from three different prestigious institutions, including Sylvester University.

Students at Willard College will miss his unorthodox pedagogy. He often would move class to undisclosed locations, including a yurt that he constructed on campus, an igloo, and various music festival in a 150 mile radius from the college. After 1990, he walked the five miles to campus every day. When not in his office, he could be found in a tree in front of Charcot Hall. His home, just off campus, was a favorite destination for students throughout the week.

Mr. Kopek will spend his retirement living his best life.

Thanks, Special Assistant to Provost Vandergrind, Dr. Pousse de Fauteuil

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