Attendance was Sparse at the Willard College “Doing Better” Noon-hour Workshop

SC21 Was Unlike Any Other — Was That a Good Thing?

Dear Willard College Team,

As the facilitator of the faculty-led, faculty-initiated, and faculty-inspired “Doing Better” Workshop, I was just a little disappointed by our low turn out. We all agree that work conditions at Willard College are less than ideal, that the recent pay cuts and increase in teaching load is a bit demoralizing, the termination of the English department’s senior and mid-career faculty was less than ideal, etc. but let’s remember that the college is in a tough situation. We must continue to support the administration. I for one, prefer blind faith over excessive criticism. The latter poor attitude was recently on full display during the last faculty senate meeting. Further ado, let’s remember the immense sacrifice of President Cotton who has moved into a smaller house during his current separation from his wife, Dr. Cheryl Tina Fae Cotton. That cannot be easy.

Let’s try to do better by “Doing Better.” Next week’s session will include free sandwiches to the first ten arrivals. If you have a peanut allergy, we may not be able to accommodate at this late hour.

Dr. Hank Lyme, President of the Willard College Faculty Senate

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