Dr. Lusitania Glüm Hired as Director of Marketing and Promotion at Willard College

Portrait of Leni Riefenstahl. [LCID: 09741]

Dear Willard College Communities (plural because we are one, we are many, and we are one),

We are excited to announce that Dr. Lusitania Glüm, PhD, will be starting work with us next week as the new Director of Marketing and Promotion. Dr. Glüm brings to our campus over two decades of experience working with a diverse set of institutions. She was instrumental in rebranding Blackwater after they experienced some image disequilibrium. Dr. Glüm has since brought her passion and artistry to the government of Honduras, The Weinstein Company, The Trump Organization, Roger Stone, and Luckin Coffee. Dr. Glüm will be meeting with key stakeholders as we look to redirect our public facing towards new opportunities and narratives. As Dr. Glüm shared during her conversation with Dr. Cotton last week, “I’m a narrative creator. I’m an opportunity-searcher. I’m committed. I commit to my commitment. My here is you.”

Let’s all remember that it is time to “Doing Better.”


Sub-Interim Director of Marketing and Promotion VanderHook Danish

5 thoughts on “Dr. Lusitania Glüm Hired as Director of Marketing and Promotion at Willard College

  1. I love it: “image disequilibrium.” Masterful public relations speak.

  2. Another wonderful name plus background! How do you do it???

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  3. Grace Sac Rifice

    In Being Better and Doing Better, we recommend a purge of all uncommitted, Doing Worse, Being Bad expenditures, including those attached to employees known as ‘faculty.’

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