Department of English reaches Willard College enrolment goals for Spring 2016


Dear Department of English,

On behalf of President Cotton, the Board of Trustees, and myself, I want to congratulate your department on reaching the enrolment milestone set by the administration back in 2010. As of the Spring 2016 semester, Willard College has no English majors or minors. English courses that had been put on the Course Menu for the Spring 2016 semester have been deleted. In the next few weeks, each member of your department will receive a “reassignment assessment.” The results of the assessment will determine whether faculty will be re-purposed to the Masters of Arts in Administrative Communication program, to the Assessment and Accreditation Review Committee, or to the Bachelor of Arts in Language Management program. Faculty who are not rerouted to one of those units can expect to receive an additional “pre post-employment re-assessment.”

Thanks again for your hard work in making the Humanities what they have become at Willard College.

Sincerely, Provost Pillow

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