Menuing the Willard Curriculum


Dear Department Chairs, Please remember to use the template pictured above for your 2014-2015 course listings. Each departmental menu will then be incorporated into the Willard College Course Menu which we will be sending out to all incoming Willard students. The Menu will be large format, colorful, easy to read, and laminated for easy cleaning. Please remember to give your courses titles and descriptions that our students will find appetizing.

Best, President Henry Cotton


4 thoughts on “Menuing the Willard Curriculum

  1. Of all of the genius moves by Willard, I think this may top them all. Bravo, Willard, Bravo!!

    • We found that electronic catalogs were confusing, not user friendly, and when there were beverage spills, keyboards got ruined. If it works for Applebee’s it will work for Willard!

      • Just be sure to include freebies like mustard, duck sauce and soy sauce, chopsticks and fortune cookies, and it’ll be a roaring success!

  2. […] semester, Willard College has no English majors or minors. English courses that had been put on the Course Menu for the Spring 2016 semester have been deleted. In the next few weeks, each member of your […]

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