Faculty at Career Development Office



Attention all Willard College faculty

This is a reminder that the Willard College Career Development Office is officially out of bounds for faculty, whether tenured, on a tenure trailway, or on the FlexFaculty program. The director of the CDO, Dr. Joe Francq, reports that students looking for post-college career opportunities can barely get through the door, much less make appointments with counselors or get on the computers. He has also reported faculty smoking and apparently drinking on the premises.

On a related note, contracts for the 2014-2015 academic year have been delayed at the printers. They will be available by mid-September. If you have received a verbal commitment for the coming year, please consider that as a firm promise from this institution.

Sincerely, President Henry Cotton

3 thoughts on “Faculty at Career Development Office

  1. Does Willard have a faculty incomplete policy?

  2. Indiana Concerned Citizens for the Protection of America

    Why don’t the Willard faculty just work smarter, not harder? A part-time job in dining services may be just the ticket. Many campus dining hall service workers now make a Living Wage, and one would suppose the perks of free lunch would be well worth the risk of being seen by your students in a hairnet.

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