A New Home for the Department of Foreign Modern Languages

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Dear President Cotton,

As Chair of the Department of Foreign Modern Languages, and on behalf of the entire faculty, including the remaining tenured professors and our growing force of Flexible Faculty, we are deeply grateful for the investment that Willard College has made to streamlining and modernizing our instructional modalities. As you noted in your memorandum Assessing Assessment, we are moving towards .25 credit courses which, when considered along with the move away from housing the department in a single stationary building, change had to happen, and fast! The mobile classroom-office system generates efficiencies, especially since so few of the faculty require, or are eligible for, the increasingly valuable campus office and classroom space. As we discussed at the meeting last week with you and Provost Gauleiter, being able to provide instructional time while students are being transported from one end of the campus to another, and the ways that this can both backfill interstitial  minutes and also increase credit hour generation , is a model that I hope the rest of the campus can emulate.

Best regards,

Dr. Luce Derangh

Chair, Department of Modern Foreign Languages

P.S. I was thrilled to hear that you and Cheryl Tina had such a nice time in Paris. Sounds like taking an actual French class would have been a waste of time since, as you note, everyone pretty much “speaks English or credit card.” By the way, yes, $350 sounds a bit steep for a cab ride from Charles de Gaulle Airport to downtown. Good thing that was “expense account material!”

9 thoughts on “A New Home for the Department of Foreign Modern Languages

  1. Once again Willard sets the standard for Best Practices!!!!

  2. yes! what an incredible team and leadership at willard…oh and the marvelous guidance in the document Assessing Assessment. had missed it before, so thanks for the re-post…such current issues…but mostly love the vehicle. kudos Henry and Luce

  3. Indiana Concerned Citizens for the Protection of America

    Are students exposed to a different foreign/modern/romance language every day when they ride the College transportation system? Or do they get to choose individually when they board? Perhaps a Flexible Faculty member would be available to ride in the front passenger seat to administer a mobile app for one of the excellent language learning programs available now such as Rosetta Stone.

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