Re-Deemphasizing our Educational Focus

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English: Disney World, Orlando, Florida (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Dear Board of Trustees, Provost Videla, and Department Chairs,

As we prepare to begin to provide loans to incoming Willard students, we have begun to study the problem of collection of debts, current and outstanding. This fits with the larger set of revenue challenges that we have been addressing during the past few months

In response to these challenges, I authorized my top team of administrators to attend the annual Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities Conference and Expo. They traveled to Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, Florida, and have reported back to me on a number of overlooked but promising venues for future growth. Provost Videla and Assistant Associate Dean Provost Stroessner reported very fruitful meetings with Goal Structured Solutions. When GSS explained how “with over a decade of experience and over $20 billion of student loans under management, GS2 helps our clients recognize increased cash flow and greater efficiency” we just knew they were right for Willard. But then they saw a sign for Sunrise Credit Services.

For over 35 years, Sunrise Credit Services has been the nationwide leader in the collection industry. We specialize in all aspects of accounts receivable management including letter programs, skip tracing, litigation, default management, pre-collect and late registration programs specifically designed for the career college industry.

In addition, Willard administrators were deeply moved by demographer and futurist Kenneth Gronbach’s  talk “Dramatic Changes in Demography and Education – Your Opportunity.” At the recommendation of Provost Videla, Dr. Gronbach has been hired to consult with Willard about capitalizing on these opportunities.

In sum, my administration continues in its commitment to deemphasize our dependence on student education as the primary source of our revenue base. Along with our growing presence as a premier conference center, our work in the student loan industry, we are also developing other new and exciting projects to diversify the what and the why of Willard College.

Kind regards, Henry Cotton




3 thoughts on “Re-Deemphasizing our Educational Focus

  1. Henry, you are a wonder! Take your ill-gotten gains and enjoy New Hampshire: maybe you can partner with Dartmouth, the beginnings of a MOOA? Remote control admin…you may never have to set foot on South Hill again!

  2. Indiana Concerned Citizens for the Protection of America

    Has Willard College researched the possible benefits of becoming upstate New York’s second Immigration Detention Center after Batavia? ICE pays an average of $159 per night per immigrant detainee, according to a 2013 study by the National Immigration Forum:

    If student enrollment is down, perhaps the College would look into dedicating 1-2 dorms for detainees and thus continue to diversify the institution’s income streams.

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