MOOCs work, MOOAs don’t: Willard College takes a stand

Nederlands: Henry Cotton

Nederlands: Henry Cotton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As president of Willard College, I pledge to fight any efforts to limit or decrease any increases in vital administrative oversight of faculty. A recent study, that our legal department feels may be actionable, suggests that certain efficiency could be made in college administration. We have heard these discussions for years, and have held steadfast in our belief that in colleges, as in public education, a robust administrative team is the key to success.

Sincerely, Henry Cotton

P.S. On behalf of myself, my wife Cheryl Tina Cotton, her son, and my step-son, Harold, my son Elliot, who lives with my first wife, and is half-brother of my daughter, and Cheryl Tina’s step daughter, Linda Lydya, and our two daughters, Tina Tina and Leslie Tina, we wish you a belated Father’s Day!

3 thoughts on “MOOCs work, MOOAs don’t: Willard College takes a stand

  1. I like the half-.personal touch

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