Tantric Osteoherbal Dentistry at Willard College


Dear Fellow Administrators and esteemed members of the Board of Trustees,

I am pleased to announce the inauguration of the first in a series of bold new majors at Willard College. Drawing on Willard’s storied medical past, the Tantric Osteoherbal Dentistry program promises to draw an eclectic and enthusiastic body of new students to our campus.

Before explaining T.O.D., let me first lay out the logic of Willard’s move into medical education. While much is made of the large number of Americans without access to dental care, the population of insured Americans who avoid dentists because of anxiety about invasive procedures is too often ignored or ridiculed. T.O.D. promises to bring high quality innovative dentistry to this under-served population.

What is T.O.D? Briefly, it is a holistic, non-invasive, dental practice that considers muscular-skeletal alignments as the root causes of cavities and other oral health challenges. T.O.D. employs body work to the jaw, thoracic cavity, and other key pressure points to help teeth to heal themselves. This body work is supplemented with herbs that are applied topically,orally, and through other means.

A walk through any American grocery store’s health food section, suggests that students majoring in this field will enjoy the kind of success we desire for all of our graduates.

Sincerely, Henry Cotton

2 thoughts on “Tantric Osteoherbal Dentistry at Willard College

  1. I like “topically, orally, and through other means”! Let’s have lunch one of these days. Neil

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