Monetizing the Unmonetizable

Dear Members of the Board of Trustees,

Willard Hotel

Willard Hotel (Photo credit: StreetsofWashington)

Following industry leader, the previous Hesser Business College, and soon to be previous Hesser College, which recently rebranded itself Mount Washington University,  Willard College is embarking on an ambitious program to transform our institution’s brand so that it fits with our emerging redesign. To that end, I’ve requested from all divisions suggestions for a new name for Willard College. We are looking for a new name that speaks to Willard’s self-vision for the future.

This takes me to “Monetizing the Unmonetizable.”Renaming comes with costs associated with signage, pens, t-shirts, hats, name-tags, advertising, and the lost revenues that precede successful reorientation of our base to the newly renamed Willard experience. The Office of Business Operations and Student Affairs will offset these costs through an aggressive campaign to sell ad space to campus oriented businesses. Every suitable wall can be rented, whether in a bathroom, the student health clinic, or the dining halls. In addition, we will be selling ad space on all campus web servers, including that of the library.

Our students are web-savvy, and are accustomed to using social media that has imbedded advertisement so we foresee no problems with this program.

We hope to have a list of potential names to the board within the next few weeks.

As always, Henry Cotton

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