2 thoughts on “Every ‘why’ has a ‘who.’ Every ‘who’ is a ‘why.’

  1. Really deep, tina fae.

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  2. […] Our community has collectively stepped up over this past year to enhance the signature Willard College experience that has enriched and transformed lives for a while. We have reworked the GRID, we have completed renovations on several bathrooms, and we remain certified and licensed to deliver college degrees, including our new signature degree program in . On behalf of President Henry Cotton, Dr. Cheryl Tina Fae Cotton, the Board of Trustees, and the many loyal administrators, I wish to offer each of you our sincere gratitude for your perseverance, servile loyalty, and ingenuity. And remember,  Every ‘why’ has a ‘who’ Every ‘who’ is a ‘why.’ […]

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