New Class Schedule Grid and Credit System

Dear Faculty, Effectively Spring 2023, we are operating under a new class schedule grid and credit system. In consultation with one of the top educational thought leading firms, we are confident that the system will optimize the student experience, reduce stress for faculty, and improve learning outcomes.

For the schedule grid, you will need to create an account with FreeGrid. There is a nominal fee. Ask your chair about the forms you’ll want to fill out to be reimbursed, which may take between 2 to 24 weeks. How does it work? Fill in when you want to teach. For a three credit class, you might decide on MWF 9am-950am. Or you might teach it Friday night 6pm-9pm. Or you might want to teach it MW 1230-1pm, Tuesday 8am-8:30am, and Friday 315pm-405pm. You decide. The students build their schedule by tracking the schedules of the classes they want and making sure there are no overlaps. There is NO predetermined grid.

You can also remix credits. You need to teach a total of 9 credits. You can teach one 9 credit class. You can teach nine 1 credit classes. You can teach eighteen 1/2 credit classes.

FreeGrid is about freedom. Freedom to choose. But don’t forget to register and pay the fee or the system will crash.


Vanderbilt Snowden, Director of Student Academics

One thought on “New Class Schedule Grid and Credit System

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