Chaty McGillicutty, Professor of Collegiate Studies, Publishes Paper: Professors work harder than Eighteenth-century Coal Miners

Dear Colleagues, In a new paper published in the journal “Collegiate Studies,” Collegiate Studies Professor Chatie [pronouned ‘che’-ha-tee] McGillicutty argues that professors put in more hours, at greater personal risk to themselves, than the average US underground coal miner. Using advanced statistical models, which allowed for excluding faculty summer vacations, winter breaks, conference travel, and days during the work week when not teaching when making the calculations. “Professors are also exposed to a significant number of environmental hazards, including microwaved pizza, unvacuumed offices, and the emotional labor around working with other people.”

We also wish Dr. McGillicutty a productive sabbatical which she will be spending researching university faculty workloads in southern France.

Provost Vandergrind

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