Update to Earlier Memo Regarding Faculty Separating from Willard College

If Last One Out Turn Off The Lights - Conserve Energy And LEED Signs |  Seton | Seton

Dear Separating Faculty,

In a previous memorandum, I laid out the protocol for your departure from Willard College. If the keys to your office no longer work, you have been separated. The paper work explaining your separation were left on your desk in your office. Please read the instructions carefully. As you know, we are short-staffed and your cooperation in separating in a calm and orderly fashion is most appreciated.

Below are some follow up items that have come up as issues to consider

A. If you are separating from the College and you are the last person in your department or unit, PLEASE turn off the lights and unplug the coffee machine before you leave, empty the trash, and put away any perishable food items

B. Please avoid acts of vandalism. Let’s respect our campus.

C. Due to budget constraints, the Holiday Party will be restricted to the Senior Leadership Team.

With many thanks advance for your years of service. Don’t think we won’t remember you.

Dr. President Henry Cotton

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