No One Really Understands or Cares what Racketeering Is

Why the Legend of Al Capone Still Fascinates - The New York Times

In a closed session of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Henry Cotton explained that allegations against him and the Right Reverend and Sanctified Dr. Cheryl Tina Fae Cotton of racketeering and money laundering are baseless, and those who are making the allegations are motivated by pecuniary interests of the most unsavory nature. Dr. Cotton reminded the Board of Trustees of his tireless and really completely selfless work on behalf of Willard College, which through no fault of his own, has defaulted on its loans, faced withering and shrinking enrollment declines, and now approached the cliff with respect to deferred maintenance on the campus facilities. He noted that Willard College started in a deficit as the campus was created on the grounds of the former Willard Insane Asylum and at the time of the purchase, many of the buildings were already in need of work.

One thought on “No One Really Understands or Cares what Racketeering Is

  1. […] Once again ugly and untrue rumors are circulating to the effect that several of the esteemed members of our Board of Trustees are abusing their fiduciary responsibility to the College by using their position and connection to the institution for the purpose of money laundering. We will not dignify these baseless accusations with an investigation into their veracity but rather are conducting a thorough investigation to determine who is responsible for spreading these unfounded and frankly mean lies about a team of individual who have literally given countless hours to our beloved college, Willard College. We also note, sadly, that the college is no stranger to these kinds of smear tactics. Our beloved President, Dr. Henry Cotton, was himself a target recently. […]

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