President Cotton Announces Willard’s Covid-19 Response, Invokes French Legal Concept of Sauve Qui Peut

Dear Senior Leadership Team,

I wanted to report back out from last night’s Crisis Response Subcommittee meeting. You’ll recall that the Subcommittee is composed of members of the Senior Leadership Team. After a robust and purposeful and mindful discussion, facilitated by Cheryl Tina Faye Cotton (kudos!), they developed what I think is a firm, rational, and fair response to the ongoing enrollment apocalypse that we are facing from now until 2025. Critical to their work is the French legal concept “Sauve Qui Peut.”

Over the next week, the Crisis Response Action Subcommittee will review the Crisis Response Subcommittee’s recommendation and bring to my desk the specific recommendations but I wanted to share some preliminary suggestions.

  1. Senior Leadership is vital to the operation of Willard College
  2. Replacing Senior Leadership post-crisis would present undue financial burden on College
  3. Fiduciary Responsibility Lies with Senior Leadership Team’s Executive Council
  4. Faculty and Staff Positions are Fungible; Senior Leadership Positions are Afungible
  5. Senior Leadership Salary Reductions (proposed by disgruntled faculty) will lead to loss of Senior Leadership talent pool

In the next week, specific policies will be announced

Sincerely, and with heartfelt thanks, President Cotton and Dean of Students, Cheryl Tina Faye Cotton

3 thoughts on “President Cotton Announces Willard’s Covid-19 Response, Invokes French Legal Concept of Sauve Qui Peut

  1. she’s back?! and apparently in good (classist) mental state…. ________________________________

  2. It’s weird, but my college’s response is strikingly similar to this one.

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