Willard College Announces COVID-19 Response

Dear Willard College Community,

There is no reason to panic about COVID-19 which is no more than a mild cold in most cases. Risk Assessment has been in consultation with our VP of Financial Affairs and we can to the determination that closing campus poses a greater risk to our financial well-being than COVID-19 will to our students’ health. What happens if COVID-19 should appear on campus? Fortunately, as our campus is on a former hospital, we have a wide array of quarantine facilities that can be updated and student ready in a week’s time. Students who test positive for COVID-19, or in the likely absence of the test kits, shows a temperature of about 1 degree above normal, will be confined to the College’s famous unit for the Dangerous Insane.

There is no call for panic. Plan right, sleep tight. Plan wrong, etc.


President Cotton

5 thoughts on “Willard College Announces COVID-19 Response

  1. Charles V Izzo

    In such turbulent times, its good to know we can rely on Cotton as our Rock of Gibraltar.

  2. Calm, considered responses to this crisis are what we need most now. The virtues of repurposing former hospitals as institutions of higher education are now very clear–kudos to the far-sighted board that did this!

  3. Blinky Palermo

    All plans are good.

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