7 thoughts on “Faculty members apprehended after leaving a workshop early

  1. Haha!!

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  2. Wonderful!
    For years, the Unitarian Church in Harvard Square used to have a sign on its exterior billboard (whose legs were planted in the corner of an ancient Cambridge cemetery) that read “COME AND WORSHIP”.
    But these, to our cynical eyes, were Unitarians: what did they know about WORSHIP? My grad school friends and I read it as “COKE AND WORKSHOP.”

    • Dear Neil, Or whatever your real name may be (you never know these days), we at Willard College can’t help but wonder if the bit about “Harvard” is somehow intended to intimidate us. Proudly Willard College, President

  3. Some escaped in the chaos of it all

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  4. There is no escape from the workshop

  5. […] During his absence, the College has witnessed increasing insubordination from faculty and a general deterioration of morale. Likewise, during Cotton’s absence, many important initiatives have stalled out. Willard […]

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