Provost Pillow Invites All Faculty to a Free-Form Faculty Forum


Dear Willard College Faculty,

President Cotton has tasked me to host a series of Free-Form Faculty Forums where faculty can freely voice their opinions about matters concerning your professional experiences and faculty governance at Willard College. I know that I am new to Willard College and that I arrive on the heels of some difficult experiences. And at the forum I look forward to being able to tell you a little bit about me. Perhaps we can become friends and colleagues, IN THAT ORDER! When you sign up to attend the meeting your name will be placed in raffle jar. A lucky faculty person will win a parking space next to mine for two weeks!

Interim Provost Pillow

5 thoughts on “Provost Pillow Invites All Faculty to a Free-Form Faculty Forum

  1. I certainly hope I win that prize. A chance to get close to a real provost.

  2. I’m getting a strange sense of deja vu…

  3. […] think everyone recognizes that Provost Pillow is Cotton’s slave. At night, he goes to Cotton’s palace and after being strip searched […]

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