Provost Ildiko Nagykisgnagy


Dear Colleagues, This summer, during a brief visit to Philadelphia we came across a wonderful artist named Ildiko Nagykisnagy whose triptych “Bohóc Gyilkosság” [Clown Murder] left us captivated and enthralled. Through her translator and lover, the enigmatic performance artist who goes by the name                     , we had a long conversation about abstract expressionism, theater, urban living, and college administration. Since effective today the Provost Triumvarite has been disbanded (please be patient as we prepare an official notification and explanation), Cheryl Tina Faye Cotton and I decided to invite Ms. Ildiko Nagykisnagy to serve as Interim Provost. Because Ms. Nagykisnagy’s primary and exclusive language is Magyar (you don’t say “Hungarian” anymore!), please contact her administrative assistant and translator who goes by the name                      , to schedule an appointment. Please bear in mind that the translator has only limited Magyar so you may wish to purchase a good Magyar-English dictionary. Please keep an eye out for some upcoming emails about Workforce Reallocations from the Provost!

Best, Henry Cotton

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