Scantron essays


Dear Humanities Faculty, My congratulations to the work recently completed by the Assessment Advisory Committee, under the firm guiding hand of Associant Dean Welzr. We are excited to announce the “Scantron Essay” assignment guidelines. While on one hand, it seems incredible that faculty still assign and grade essay assignments, it is more astonishing that until now there was no viable alternative. Our innovation really puts Willard College out in front of the pack in terms of delivering a product that has maximum assessibility and gradibility efficiencies. The concept is so simple. The assignment administrator prepares an essay and then breaks it apart sentence by sentence. Students then must select the correct sentence from a choice of five sentences. The Scantron Essay can be as short as five sentences or as long as five pages! Writing and grading writing have never been so easy.

We are confident that the Willard Scantron Essay will become the premium pre-written essay assignment in higher education.

Sincerely, President Henry Cotton

3 thoughts on “Scantron essays

  1. completely astonishing…would love to read these scantron essays, particularly those with low grades…while drunk preferentially.

  2. You people at Willard are absolute geniuses!!

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