Building Relationships with Local Schools the Willard Way

Prison 2

Prison 2 (Photo credit: planetschwa)

Dear Colleagues,  The Willard College Educational Excellence Enterprise, Inc. is excited to be collaborating with the Sylvester County Unified School District to begin conducting reading evaluations of all third graders as part of a pilot program with the State Boards of Prisons around the nation to help them better plan for prisons, youth detention facilities, and half-way houses.

Beyond simply using the reading scores to predict incarcerated populations, we hope to develop metrics that can help the state to predict the types of crimes to be committed, while also providing profiles of certain criminal traits.

We have total buy-in from Sylvester County Unified School District, which has implemented a new reading campaign, Third Graders are Readers in Sylvester County Unified School District. Reading and testing materials have been requisitioned through Pearson, the school supplier of choice.

Helping local children to achieve their dreams! And building Willard College brands throughout the nation!

Best, President Henry Cotton

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