Willard College Rejects East Coast Elitism

Dear Administrative Team Workers,

The New Yorker

The New Yorker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our Marketing Department just received the following communication from The New Yorker. We had proposed that they run a story about the College and my work in transforming the institution.

“We’re sorry to say that your piece “A Letter from the President of Willard College” wasn’t right for us. Thank you for allowing us to consider your work.
Best regards,
The Shouts Dept.”
We received a similar response from the Chronicle of Higher Education.
Although disappointed, the College continues to search for ways to promote our path-breaking work. To that end, Marketing has made overtures to other publications, including People and The New York Post. Our goal is to intensify Willard brand recognition.
Sincerely, Henry Cotton
P.S. I will be reporting soon on projected enrollment numbers for 2013-2014 and its relationship to revenue streams and endowment fluctuations.

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