Issues at the Annual President Cotton Easter Egg Hunt

Dear Board of Trustees,

As you have heard by now, there were a few issues that came up at the Annual President Cotton Easter Egg Hunt. Suffice it to say that Cheryl Tina Fae Cotton regrets her behavior towards two of the children of Willard College staff. Dr. Cotton found the children, ages 4 and 6, in a RESTRICTED area of the Cotton residence. Concerned that they had taken some of the household silverware, she had them searched by Willard College Public Safety. She may have then used her ‘outside voice’ with them, but only by way of instilling in them a respect for the private property, not of the Cottons, but of Willard College.

We hope that the entire Willard Family is looking forward to the May Festival as much as we are.


President Cotton and Provost Vandergrind

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